Rescued Kitten With Unusual Colored Fur, Grows Back His True Colors


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A kitten was found abandoned by his cat mother and brought to a local shelter for a second chance at life. Right away, they noticed his silvery grey.


The tiny kitten was born with a Fever Coat, a condition that occurs when the pregnant cat is stressed or has a fever during pregnancy, causing the unborn kittens' fur to appear a silver-type color.

The kitty was nursed back to health. As he grew bigger, his coat started to change back to its true colors. At eight weeks old, his unusual coloration resembled that of a wolf.

Ashlee and her partner from Melbourne, Australia came to the shelter one day and fell in love with the kitten. They had been looking for a cat for a while, and when they met the tiny bundle of fur, it was love at first sight.

They named him Sosuke.


On his way to his new home, Sosuke insisted on being held. That's when they discovered his penchant for cuddles.

"He crawled into the front of my partner's hoodie and hid there the whole way home," Ashlee told Love Meow.


"He never learned how to meow so he chirps instead. He had a fever coat when we got him, and he looked like a wolf," Ashlee added.

Sosuke is very affectionate, cuddly and adventurous. "He has been an explorer from day one."


It didn't take long for the kitty to find his favorite spot to perch on.

"He loves sitting up on my shoulder and being walked around the house. I hate going away for work but when he's excited to see me, head butting and cleaning my face or nose, it's the cutest."


Wherever his humans are, Sosuke is there too.

The fluffy kitty follows them around the house and only naps on them despite all the other bedding options.


Over the next few months, they saw his fur change from the original silvery-grey to his true colors - a beautiful black coat with a glow of red hue and adorable tufts of white fur.


Sosuke has grown by leaps and bounds but his love for shoulder snuggles hasn't changed.

Despite being much bigger in size, he still insists on being carried around the house on his mom's shoulder.


Watch Sosuke in this cute video:

Kitten with fever coat growing up

Every day, they wake up to Sosuke snuggling with them by the pillow. He's always the first thing they see in the morning and the last at night.


Sosuke makes sure that everyone in the house gets his daily fix - cuddles and more cuddles.


When his human mom is feeling under the weather, Sosuke wraps his arms around her and helps her feel better with his purr power.

"He has so much love to give!"


Sosuke has blossomed into a handsome boy!


When he arrived on day one, he demanded cuddles.


All grown up now, some things never change.


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