Kitten Arrived Scruffy Avoiding Everyone, Blooms into a Heart Melter Living Best Life

Kitten Arrived Scruffy Avoiding Everyone, Blooms into a Heart Melter Living Best Life


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A kitten who arrived as a scruffy feral avoiding everyone, blooms into a full-fledged heart melter, living the best life.

fluffy cat pawAndy the kittenNikki @myfosterkittens

Andy was a scruffy and timid kitten when he first arrived in foster care. He came from a cat colony and was brought to a feral cat clinic, where staff noticed his sweet side behind all the hisses.

Nikki Martinez, an animal rescuer and foster carer, learned about his needs and didn't hesitate to help. "Mr. Raggedy Andy hissed and spit and swatted at me when I picked him up, but he's food motivated," Nikki shared with Love Meow.

Despite his tough exterior, she saw that deep inside, Andy just wanted to feel safe and loved.

feral kitten dirty furAndy was found in a feral cat colonyLynn @lynninlasvegas

Nikki prepared a cozy and quiet space for Andy to decompress. The next day, she came in with a blanket to help the kitten get used to touch.

She began associating "happy things", such as treats, with hearing her voice, being in her presence, and getting petted or held. Andy tried to cower away and hide, but found himself unable to resist all the affection.

feral kitten andyHe was scared and hissy when he first arrived in foster careNikki @myfosterkittens

Nikki also introduced different toys to Andy to see if any of them would pique his interest. The feather wand toy was particularly captivating to the shy boy who had taken refuge in a corner.

"I can see him flinch his arms like he wants to reach out and grab it."

shy kitten andySlowly but surely, he began to open upNikki @myfosterkittens

Slowly but surely, Andy started to warm up to Nikki and discovered his love for chin scratches. His wary eyes turned curious, and his personality began to emerge.

One day, Andy mustered up the courage to accept extra petting, as he rolled over on his side and revealed his fluffy belly.

fluffy kitten andyHe learned that toys were fun and that chin scratches made him very happyNikki @myfosterkittens

He allowed Nikki to rub his belly for the first time, and even wiggled his body around, asking for more. The shy, hissy kitty was turning into a playful, snuggly, lovable boy.

kitten snuggling lapAndy turned into a snuggly kittyNikki @myfosterkittens

After getting all cleaned up and brushed, Andy was upgraded to a spacious room where he found his confidence-boosting spot.

"I put him up on high on a cat tree to feel more confident. He just needed to feel bigger."

kitten cat tree andyHe felt more confident being on top of a cat treeNikki @myfosterkittens

In just a few weeks, Andy was no longer that feral kitten covered in filth. He transformed into a sweet, full-fledged snuggle-bug.

When he returned to the vet, he let everyone cuddle him and didn't make one hiss.

sweet kitten fluffyAndy became a friendly, cuddly boy at the vetNikki @myfosterkittens

Andy was ready for his next chapter - to be loved and spoiled in a place of his own. Nikki hoped to find a loving, patient family that would continue to work with him and allow him to blossom.

playful fluffy andy kittenHe loves to play especially with his wand toyNikki @myfosterkittens

"Andy is in the arms of his new mama. He will join his new kitty brother, Ozzie, who is six months old, and his new canine sister, Bambi, who is nine years old," Nikki shared.

kitten loves treats andyNikki @myfosterkittens

With some treats and his favorite toy, Andy settled beautifully into his new home. In no time, he figured out his bearings and found one of his favorite spots on his mom's lap.

kitten adopted happyAndy snuggling with his mom at his forever homeNikki @myfosterkittens

Now, Andy is busy soaking up the love, snuggling away with his family, living the best life. "He's thriving in his new home. I'm so happy for him."

fluffy happy cat andyHe now has a big teddy to cuddle withNikki @myfosterkittens

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