Kitten Who Was Alone at Shelter, Finds Happiness When Someone Saves Him from Uncertain Fate

Kitten Who Was Alone at Shelter, Finds Happiness When Someone Saves Him from Uncertain Fate


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A tiny kitten who was rescued from an uncertain fate, found happiness through fostering.

Patricia Lika

Mochi the kitten was found in poor shape and brought to the Las Vegas municipal shelter. He was in need of rescue by the end of the day. Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas took him into their care, and Patricia Lika, a foster volunteer, stepped up to help.

"I saw his sad little face all alone and so scared, and decided I would take him. When I picked him up he was covered in dirt and poop with a horrible eye infection," Patricia told Love Meow.

After a much-needed bath, eye drops and medication, he was brought back to life. The next day, things took a turn for the worse when Mochi started losing weight due to severe gastrointestinal issues.

Patricia Lika

"Motherless neonatal kittens have the highest risk for developing infections and have a significantly less chance of survival because they lack the nutrients from their mom," Patricia said. "Trying to pin point the issue in such a tiny kitten is critical."

She saw the fight in him and was determined to get him better no matter the challenge. "As a foster mom you give everything you have to fight for them."

Patricia Lika

The kitten was then placed on two different medications. Patricia worked around the clock, keeping him fed and hydrated. She cheered him on at every feeding and showered him with love and cuddles so he knew he was not fighting alone.

The next day, Patricia started seeing improvements as Mochi began to show eagerness to eat. He was perkier and his tummy was calmer.

Patricia Lika

The little kitty continued to make progress from that point on. "I was confident we would beat this," Patricia told Love Meow.

His foster family never lost hope and knew someday, Mochi would come around, and he did!

Patricia Lika

"He's back! He beat it," Patricia told Love Meow. "Once he felt better his true personality came out and he was the happiest, fluffiest little boy."

In a few week's time, Mochi has blossomed into a happy little kitty who loves to eat, play and get his belly rubbed.

Patricia Lika

Mochi is no longer that sad kitty they saw at the shelter. He has big, bright eyes, lots of fluff and the most kissable little face.

Watch Mochi's rescue journey in this video:

Mochi the kitten - rescue

"He loves to play all the time and roll over for belly rubs. He has the biggest beautiful eyes and such a happy little sweet face. He has won a lot of hearts out there," Patricia said.

Patricia Lika

"Fostering a critical care kitten can be very hard and emotionally draining but the rewards are by far greater.

"Mochi is growing up strong and healthy and already had his first shots and is now waiting for his neuter."

Patricia Lika

Little Mochi has beat the odds and will have a wonderful forever home soon to come.

"Seeing him thrive is my pride and joy," Patricia said.

Patricia Lika

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