Kitten from the Street Befriends Cat Who Has Mustache Just Like Him

Kitten from the Street Befriends Cat Who Has Mustache Just Like Him


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A tuxedo cat took another tuxedo under his wing after he was found outside in a box.

Ahsen @zikrettinn

Late September, Ahsen from Istanbul, Turkey, found a kitten in a box abandoned outside in her neighborhood. He was very hungry, and no one came forward to claim him.

Ahsen couldn't leave him out to fend for himself, so she scooped him up and brought him home. The kitten needed a mother, and she knew she could help.

Two months prior, Ahsen took in a neighborhood stray that was found sick and heavily pregnant. The cat later gave birth to four babies, coincidentally, all tuxedos. "I treated her and her kittens back to health," Ahsen told Love Meow.

She decided to put the little singleton next to the cat mom and hoped she would accept him.

Ahsen @zikrettinn

And she did. The kitten immediately latched on and started nursing.

The plan was to find them all good homes after they were weaned and socialized with help from one of her resident cats.

Ahsen @zikrettinn

Ahsen has two cats of her own (both rescued and spayed/neutered), and one of them is also a tuxedo named Zikri.

Zikri has a soft spot for kittens in need. Every time Ahsen brings home new fosters, he takes them under his wing and showers them with love.

Zikri and his previous foster kittensAhsen @zikrettinn

Zikri met the tuxedo who was found outside.

After a few sniffs, he started washing his face and ears and caring for him as his own.

Ahsen @zikrettinn

"He became a surrogate dad to all the babies. The kitten that I found on the street, would suckle on him too," Ahsen told Love Meow.

The little new kitten became very attached to Zikri, and would cuddle with him and fall asleep in his arms.

Ahsen @zikrettinn

They named the kitten Zikriye.

Watch Zikri and Zikriye in this cute video:

Cat takes rescued kitten under his

Zikri grooms him, plays with him and keeps him company as if he knows the little kid needs some extra TLC.

Ahsen @zikrettinn

Soon, little Zikriye will graduate from his foster home and start a new adventure with his forever family.

Zikri wrapped his paw around the kitten while he was kneading away.

Ahsen @zikrettinn

Zikri is very proud with the progress his foster kitten has made as he continues to help kitties in need.

Ahsen @zikrettinn

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