Pianist Saves Kitten Who Couldn't Use Her Legs, and Helps Her Get Back on Her Paws

Pianist Saves Kitten Who Couldn't Use Her Legs, and Helps Her Get Back on Her Paws


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A man rescued a kitten with injured legs, and was determined to help her walk again.

Sarper Duman @sarperduman

Sarper Duman, a pianist and animal rescuer from Istanbul, Turkey, found a kitten dragging her legs on the street, crying for help. "A car had hit her. Her two back legs were fractured and her front right leg was also broken," Sarper said.

She was given a poor prognosis. They couldn't operate on her legs until the kitten made it through the critical stage. Despite everything she had gone through, the kitty just wanted to be loved. "She's so lovely and so full of life."

They named her Piti, and she is a fighter.

Sarper Duman @sarperduman

After five days of healing, the kitten was healthy and strong enough for surgery. The veterinary team repaired her broken bones with pins.

When Sarper went to visit her after the operation, she crawled up to him for pets as soon as she heard his voice.

Sarper Duman @sarperduman

Despite being told that there was a possibility that Piti might not walk again, Sarper was hopeful that she would make a full recovery.

He was determined to help make that happen.

Sarper Duman @sarperduman

A few days later, the kitten regained some feeling in her legs but wasn't able to stand up straight on her feet. They continued to treat her with physical therapy and shower her with love.

"Her feet haven't reacted the way we were hoping them to. Both the surgeons and I believe that even if it takes a while, she will walk in the end," Sarper wrote on Instagram.

Sarper Duman @sarperduman

The next week, Sarper received the news that he had been waiting for - Piti just took her first steps on her own.

Just when they began to lose hope, the kitten made an amazing comeback and surprised them with her incredible resolve.

Sarper Duman @sarperduman

"She showed great improvement. The surgeons decided it was better for her to stay in a home to move more freely instead of staying at the clinic, so we came home," Sarper said.

Watch Piti's journey in this video:

Man Saves Kitten and Helps Her Walk Againyoutu.be

Sarper helped rehabilitate her with daily exercise and medical treatment.

The kitten was thriving, and even started to play with toys and run around the room like a kitten would.

Sarper Duman @sarperduman

After two months of recovery, the kitten is back on her paws and can run, jump and do anything just like other cats.

"Love heals," Sarper said.

Sarper Duman @sarperduman

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