Lifeless Kitten Found on Doorstep Turned Around by Love


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A couple found a tiny lifeless kitten on their doorstep. When they spotted a heart beat, they knew they had to save her.

Courtesy of @Octominou

A couple found a kitten last April near their house. They waited to see if the mama cat would return for her baby, but she never did.

"Penny wasn't meowing at the time we found her. She wasn't moving at all and was just heavily breathing," reddit user Octominou told Love Meow.

When they saw a sign of life in the little kitten, they knew she still had it in her and the couple weren't giving up hope.

The veterinary clinic was closed on Sunday, so they tried to clean the blood off the kitten's face. "We were worried, first time we found a cat like that… We tried to keep her warm and hydrated with a little syringe of water."

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First night at her new home. They named her Penny!

Courtesy of @Octominou

The next day, they took the kitten to the vet and found a gravel in her mouth which might be the reason why her jaw was broken. The vet explained that the kitten was abandoned by the cat mother most likely due to her injuries.

The couple worried about the kitten because her eyes hadn't opened yet, but they continued to try to save her.

Courtesy of @Octominou

After several days of feeding and cleaning around the clock, Penny finally opened her eyes for the first time!

Courtesy of @Octominou

She was about 2 - 3 weeks old. The little tabby girl began to recover and thrive!

Courtesy of @Octominou

They started noticing a slight tilt on one side of her mouth.

Courtesy of @Octominou

Penny doesn't have any upper right teeth, but she has the perfect smug look on her face.

Courtesy of @Octominou

Her appetite grew and she got bigger every day.

Courtesy of @Octominou

2 months after the rescue!

Courtesy of @Octominou

Penny bonded with Eden the cat.

Courtesy of @Octominou

They adore each other!

Courtesy of @Octominou

Now at 8 months old, Penny's grown into a beautiful cat! "She's full of energy, always playing and looking for cuddles."

"It was difficult, (and) we had to teach her everything, (but) it was a wonderful experience!" The couple never gave up on her and believed in her, Penny now always wears a beautiful smile on her face.

Courtesy of @Octominou

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