Man Saves Kitten with Wounded Leg, the Kitty Clings to Him and Won't Let Go

Man Saves Kitten with Wounded Leg, the Kitty Clings to Him and Won't Let Go


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Rob from Brooklyn, New York spotted a kitten with an injured leg. He couldn't stand to see her limping in pain and rushed to get her to safety.

Flatbush Cats

He got some tuna and borrowed a trap from Flatbush Cats, a TNR focused rescue group in Brooklyn. Around 2:30 early in the morning, the kitten finally showed up. Despite having trouble walking, she was very hungry and couldn't resist the smell of food coming from the trap.

Once he got the kitten, he brought her in to the rescue to be tended to. "We rushed her to the vet immediately, as the wound was already showing necrosis from the infection. The area was cleaned, maggots removed, and the deepest wound was flushed repeatedly," Will of Flatbush Cats said.

The kitten had a deep puncture and a few cuts, but her leg was not broken. "To fight her fever and prevent further infection, she received an antibiotic shot and began a few days of pain medication as well."

Flatbush Cats

They kept the wounds sterile by cleaning them every 12 hours. The deepest puncture on the inside of her leg had begun to close and heal.

The kitten whom they named Kirby, was very shy in the beginning. "She used to shake a bit with fear when we held her, but was getting more comfortable around us every day," Will said.

"She was learning that love heals."

Flatbush Cats

Will and his partner continued their daily cuddle sessions with Kirby to help her trust.

"She looked up at us with those big eyes and an almost-silent meow, wiling to trust but still shaking with fear. Each day as the leg wounds began to heal, we watched her relax into VIP life."

Flatbush Cats

About two weeks later, they did some testing to see Kirby walk as she seemed much more comfortable putting weight on her leg.

"Halfway through she stopped, looked up, and raised her front paws towards me. Walking is great, but now she prefers to be carried and snuggled. It brings us great joy to see her progress."

Flatbush Cats

Kirby would throw her whole body onto her foster parents for attention and pets. The little shy kitten has turned into a complete love-bug.

Watch Kirby's journey in this video:

Man Saves Kitten's Leg - the Kitty Can't Stop

"I'm dreading the day that Kirby won't be jumping into my lap and crying for cuddles. She's no longer scared or in danger, but still clings to me just like that first day, always trying to nudge closer," Will added.

Flatbush Cats

"I joke that having a fourth resident cat wouldn't be too much (it would). She deserves a home that can offer unlimited snuggles, and we'll find her one," Will said.

"Our time is always limited, all we can do is make the most of every minute."

Flatbush Cats

"She's ready for the prime time VIP life and having run of the roost!"

Flatbush Cats

Kirby's leg has healed up nicely. She's walking around with confidence and her tail held up high.

"Her transformation is amazing. From a terrified, injured street kitten to this sweet little thing," Rob said.

Flatbush Cats

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