Man Saves Crying Motherless Kitten and Raises Him into Cuddlebug, Now 2 Months Later.


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A man heard a tiny kitten's cries from his neighbor's garage.

"I was heading to my service van to go to my first call for work when I heard crying," imgur user bmusser told Love Meow.


The meow was coming from outside his fence next to his neighbor's yard, so he walked over and saw a little ball of fur, wailing on top of his lungs in some tall weeds.

The mother cat never came back to retrieve the kitten so the guy scooped him up and brought him inside to his wife. That's when they noticed that the kitten still had his umbilical cord attached.

They quickly went to the store to get some supplies and kitten formula so the fur baby could start feeding.


The kitten fell asleep on his human after a full meal.

He quickly became very attached to his new dad and would try to nurse on his arm for comfort and cry for his attention and love.

After a trip to the vet, they discovered that the kitten was less than a week old.

Over the next few weeks, the kitten opened his eyes and learned to explore.


"He'll follow us everywhere and either hang out at our feet or sleep on our shoulders."

They named him Casper.


When Casper finds his cat dad, he demands cuddles.


Napping on the shoulder after every lunch.


"Two and a half months ago we found this little guy abandoned as an infant in our neighbors yard.

"Now after lots of hard work and bottle feeding Casper is now a healthy happy kitten."


He loves to hang out and fall asleep in his dad's lap!


"Casper passed out between my neck and the chair."


"Anytime I'm on the computer this is how he sleeps."


The man gave the little kitten a home and raised him into an adorable cuddlebug.


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