Orphaned Kitten is So Happy When He Gets to Cuddle With Other Rescued Kitties

Orphaned Kitten is So Happy When He Gets to Cuddle With Other Rescued Kitties


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A tiny orphaned kitten was so happy when he got to cuddle with another kitty. He couldn't stop purring.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

A little ginger kitten was found on the lawn by the owner of a property in British Columbia, Canada. He was just a newborn.

They reached out to Shuswap Paws Rescue for help as the kitten needed round-the-clock care. When rescuers arrived, they discovered wounds on the tiny kitten and immediately rushed him to the vet.

"Only a day or so old, he was picked up by a bird of prey and dropped with injuries," Barb Gosselin, founder of Shuswap Paws Rescue, told Love Meow.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

Okanagan Humane Society took the kitten into their care and placed him in a foster home with their volunteer Katrina.

She began bottle feeding the little ball of fur every couple of hours and named him Cinder. The kitten latched onto his bottle like a champ and was eating, growing and healing well.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

In just a few days, Cinder discovered his purr and he just kept on rumbling with it.

Cinder didn't want to be alone and cried for his foster mom when she wasn't around. Katrina decided to introduce him to Mr. Kitty, their gentle resident cat.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

"He's pretty interested in the little kitten and has taken a liking to allowing him to seek comfort and warmth," Katrina said.

Three days later, Cinder reached an impressive milestone when he gained 20% of his starting weight and finally reached 100 grams. The little fighter never gave up and finally began to thrive.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

Barb along with her team of TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuers are working with Okanagan Humane Society to get all the cats at the site spayed and neutered in order to stop the cycle.

When Cinder met Ichi, another foster kitty, it was love at first sight.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

He immediately snuggled up to his new sister and started purring.

Watch Cinder in this cute video:

Orphaned kitten - foster journeyyoutu.be

"He loves his big sister. Because he never got love from other cats as a brand new baby, I like to make sure he gets lots of cuddle time with his extended siblings," Katrina said.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

Katrina has a few other foster kittens in her care, and they all adore the tiny kitty.

Cinder is never alone now either snuggling with his foster mom or feline siblings.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

When he first came to his foster home, he was so tiny and frail.

Now, he's growing by leaps and bounds and has many feline friends to cuddle with.

Katrina @trinaswaywardkitties

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