Stray Cat Came to Family for Help - When Rescue Arrived, They Found Kitten by Her Side

Stray Cat Came to Family for Help - When Rescue Arrived, They Found Kitten by Her Side


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A rescuer was contacted to pick up a stray cat that needed help. When she arrived, she discovered that the cat was not alone.

Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

A family from Las Vegas took in two pregnant stray cats that had wandered up to them for help. They reached out to local animal rescuers and hoped to find the kitties a chance at a better life.

Kymmi, a rescuer and volunteer of Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas, went to pick up one of the cats, and another foster volunteer offered to take in the other feline.

By the time she arrived, she was surprised to find a tiny kitten snuggled up with the tuxedo. As it turned out, the cat went into labor the same day.

"She had already had one kitten when I picked her up. She had another one in my car in the ride home," Kymmi told Love Meow.

Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

Everything was happening very quickly and it was clear that the cat needed a lot of help. She was young, inexperienced and didn't know how to care for the kittens after they were born.

Kymmi was there to help clean and dry the newborns and put them back with the mom so they could start nursing. "I had to help with her labor. Later, three more kittens were born at my house."

Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

The five kittens made it through birth thanks to their rescuer. They latched onto their mom right away and were eating like champs. The mama cat's instinct finally kicked in when she had her kittens lined up by the milk bar.

With the timely rescue, the little family of six survived and began to thrive.

Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

"Momma is feeling good and caring for her babies like a pro! Thank goodness she will never have to go through that again," Kymmi added.

These kitties are the lucky ones as many born outside don't always have the same happy ending. When the kittens are old enough, they will be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption.

Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

As of now, the tuxedo mama is enjoying her VIP life with her beloved fur babies and getting ready for their next exciting chapter in life.

Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

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