Woman Saves Sick Kitten that Others Gave Up and Helps Her Get Her Beautiful Fluff Back.. (with Updates)

Woman Saves Sick Kitten that Others Gave Up and Helps Her Get Her Beautiful Fluff Back.. (with Updates)


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A tiny kitten was a mess when she was taken into a shelter. No one thought she would survive, but a kind-hearted woman refused to give up on her...

Meet Bunny the kitty! This is her amazing rescue journey!

She just weighed in at 1 pound 1 ounce. Nikki @myfosterkittens

A tiny 5-week old kitten weighing just a bit over one pound found herself in the shelter where her life was in peril. When Nikki, an avid animal rescuer @myfosterkittens, learned about the pathetic little sick kitty, she rushed to the rescue.

Bunny was in terrible shape with a severe urinary tract infection and a head to toe fungal infection. She was very sick but she held onto Nikki as if to say, "I want to live."

"She was severely malnourish and underweight. The vet prescribed her oral anti-fungal meds but very quickly I could see that not only were they not working but they were shutting down her system," Nikki told Love Meow.

Bunny stopped eating, and every day Nikki feared for the worst. "I was so scared to walking in her room and finding her dead that I had my husband walk in and tell me if she was alive."

But the little kitten with those large bunny-like ears kept on fighting.

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Even during the toughest days, Bunny tried her best to finish her meals and never complained during treatments. The scrawny little feline had a tremendous will to live, and Nikki knew she had to fight alongside her.

"It's these quiet moments in the middle of the night that I spend alone with my fosters and tell them how much they're loved and how I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure they never have to suffer a day in their life again that I cherish the most."

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Nikki started syringe feeding Bunny kitten formula and would count milliliter by milliliter.

"I did that around the clock just to get nutrients in her. Slowly she started eating wet kitten food," Nikki told Love Meow.

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Bunny loves her foster dad!

The sweet kitten is very grateful for all the love and cuddles.

Nikki @myfosterkittens

"She's a fighter and has had the will to live, I'm just there to make sure she has every resource available to give her the chance she deserves," Nikki told Love Meow.

Bunny does her purrito impression after a bath :).

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Due to her infection being contagious, Bunny has had medicated baths every other day. "She can't be around other kitties and she's only spent time with my husband and I."

She's found her favorite napping spot--right in her foster mom's warm pocket.

Nikki @myfosterkittens

At this point she weighs in at two pounds three ounces, doubling her size from day one.

"Her ears are completely mite-free and healthy. Still has some time before her skin is totally clear."

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Bunny demands cuddles with her foster mom and always wants to be carried around everywhere she goes.

Ever since she snuggled in this adorable pink pouch, she's hooked!

Nikki @myfosterkittens

"She's my little buddy and I've already cried at least a dozen times thinking about the day she leaves me. But that's my job as a foster mom. I help them get healthy and ready to fly. It's not about me and my feelings, it's all about them. Saying goodbye means I can say hello to another one who needs my help," Nikki told Love Meow.

Many weeks have gone by... Look at her now!

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Bunny has totally transformed! She's completely healed and her gorgeous fluffy coat has grown back in its full glory!

"When she looks in the mirror what does she see? The girl her foster mom always knew she could be."

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Bunny is almost ready for her adoption day, and she has a wonderful home waiting for her.

This little miracle kitty was so happy when she was given a chance to fight for her life, and now she's thriving and her fluffy hair is blowing in the wind!

Nikki @myfosterkittens


Bunny has been adopted!

Instagram @cats.without.jobs

What a gorgeous kitty she is!

What a difference a second chance can make!

Watch Bunny's story in this video!

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