Cat and Her Kitten Won't Leave Each Other's Side After They Were Rescued Together


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A rescued cat mom and her only kitten share an incredible bond.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C. took in a pregnant stray earlier this year. She was very scrawny and was in active labor. Only one kitten made it through birth. The cat mom was completely devoted to him and wouldn't leave his side.

Susie H., a foster volunteer, took them home and gave them a comfortable, quiet place to stay. Mama Shauna who was recovering from complications, was not producing milk. For the first three weeks, Susie had to provide round-the-clock feedings for her kitten.

"Together, we were caring for Shane (the kitten) as a team," Susie told Love Meow.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

As soon as Shauna got stronger, she went full-on mother mode, keeping her baby clean at all times and making sure he was always loved. The sweet cat mom would wrap her arms around her baby and purr up a storm as they fell fast asleep.

Whenever Shane cried for his mom, Shauna came running and started licking his little face as if to reassure him that she was there.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

The sweet mama was never far away from the nest and cuddled her baby constantly.

When Shane started to learn to walk, Shauna was right there watching over him every step of the way. If he wandered off a bit too far, she would race over and bring him back to the nest.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

"Mama Shauna is so attentive to her baby. She lets me take him out to feed him, but she keeps a close eye on us, hovering," Susie said.

"As soon as we are done and he lets out a meow, she calls back to him and then takes him out of my hands to bring him back to the nest."

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

When Shauna's milk came back, Shane was no longer interested in bottles. He spent most of his day nursing away. Even when Shane was big enough to eat on his own, he kept going back to his mom for snacks at the milk-bar.

The mother and son duo shares an amazing bond.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

Shauna adores her kitten and thrives with him by her side, and Shane is forever clingy to his mom and doesn't seem to want to grow up.

"Shane's eyes have gone from baby blue to hazel to increasingly lighter green. This kid may turn out to be a true mini-me of his mama."

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

When Shane was big enough for his neuter surgery, a family came to visit him and his mom. It was love at first sight.

"Not surprisingly, they charmed them," Susie said. "They've been through so much together, and I'm so glad they'll get to grow up together in a safe and happy home."

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

The mother and son, now renamed Jasmine and Raja, are loving their new forever family.

They have come a long way since they were rescued together.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

"Shane went from a helpless pocket kitten that fit in one hand to a fluffy, happy, self-cleaning cuddle monster who would come running when I called his name," Susie said.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

Shauna has blossomed into a beautiful cat with shining fur.

She continues to spoil her precious kitten every day and never stops being a mom.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

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