Man Saves Kitten from Junk Pile and Discovers She Stays Small and Won't Leave Shoulders

Man Saves Kitten from Junk Pile and Discovers She Stays Small and Won't Leave Shoulders


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A man heard a kitten's cries from a 9-foot trash pile and spent hours getting her out to safety.

"We refused to leave any kitten behind because we knew what her fate would be."

Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

Nikki Martinez (a rescuer and foster based in Las Vegas) and her husband went to work on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project a few months ago, where they rescued a total of 69 cats from inside and outside a hoarding house.

Nikki's husband found the little tabby in a pile of junk amongst three other deceased cats but he couldn't reach her. "My husband was 'surfing' on his belly atop about nine feet of trash. After hours of trying, he was able to reach in and grab her," Nikki told Love Meow.

"Not only was she filthy, but she was not putting on weight and wouldn't play like the others."

Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

A few weeks later, the kitten whom they named Jolly, hadn't grown while other kittens had doubled in size.

Nikki was told by two vets that the kitty was fine, but her gut was telling her otherwise. She consulted a third vet, who specializes in feline veterinary care.

After a thorough examination, they discovered that Jolly's growth had been stunted prior to being rescued.

Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

"Because of the horrible conditions she was living in prior to coming to me, she was starving and her body lacked proper nutrients when she needed it the most," Nikki said.

"She was not absorbing the nutrients she was receiving. The vet put her on digestive enzymes and vitamins daily and she started having so much energy and began to thrive."

Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

Jolly was finally growing, though slowly, she was putting on weight and gaining strength. She also beat out calicivirus and a severe ear infection, and became a favorite amongst the staff at the veterinary clinic.

"Foster Papi crawled through nine feet of trash to catch Jolly. She's been his favorite for obvious reasons from day one," Nikki said.

She's blossomed into an affectionate shoulder kitty with very kneady and happy paws.

Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

On December 27, sweet Jolly finally tipped the scales at two pounds. Her foster parents were very proud.

She loves her blanket so much that she kneads on it every day and even tucks herself in it when she sleeps.

Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

Watch Jolly's rescue journey in this video:

Kitten saved from junk pile - foster

The kitten wouldn't have made it on her own, living in the trash pile. Mr. Martinez refused to leave her behind, and now she's a happy little kitty who demands constant shoulder snuggles.

"She was living in a very dangerous outdoor area and I'm so thankful that we could get her out of that living environment," Nikki said. "We made sure to TNR the remainder of the cats so the cycle stops there."

Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

Jolly is almost four months old today, weighing about 2.5 pounds. "She's small for her age, and she might always be small."

What she lacks in size, she absolutely makes up for in personality and her love for biscuit making.

Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

The sweet tabby girl is heading to her forever home tomorrow.

"I'm so incredibly happy that she came so far, but boy…we are going to miss her," Nikki told Love Meow. "She has a loving, wonderful new mom who is committed to helping her continue to grow and thrive."

Erica @ericalikescats

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