Kitten with Incredible Resilience is Determined to Live Full Life with the Help of a Kind Couple

Kitten with Incredible Resilience is Determined to Live Full Life with the Help of a Kind Couple


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A kitten with incredible resilience is determined to live everyday to the fullest.

small palm-sized kittenNugget the kittenCass @kitten.fosters

A 3-week-old kitten named Nugget was brought to a vet clinic after being found abandoned in some bushes. At such a tender age and being riddled with cat flu, the kitten was in desperate need of rescue.

A vet nurse at the clinic reached out to a local social media group and pleaded for help. "I responded immediately saying we would take him, as he deserves a fighting chance," Cass, a volunteer of Foster Kittens Of Melbourne, shared with Love Meow.

The kitten was safely taken into her care after a 2 1/2-hour ride. "He was dropped off at our house rolling around in this hand-made hat that the transporter had him in. His eyes were crusted shut and swollen red, yet he was so beyond happy despite his poor condition."

He was found in some bushes when he was 3 weeks oldCass @kitten.fosters

Cass and her partner set up a cozy, warm nest in a playpen and began syringe-feeding the kitten around the clock. Nugget was so thankful for the help that he took his medication and had his eyes cleaned like a champ.

They watched him roll around in bliss until he fell asleep with a full belly, knowing that he was safe and loved.

purrito kitten sleepingHe is always happy and adores human companionshipCass @kitten.fosters

"We were amazed at how happy and carefree he was despite his painful eyes, and despite whatever cruelty he had experienced prior to being handed to the vet clinic."

A few days after arrival, the couple noticed something different about this pint-sized wonder.

tiny kitten nuggetCass @kitten.fosters

"He didn't respond to auditory stimulus at all, his joints were quite deformed, his energy levels were incredibly low and his growth was stunted and abnormal," Cass shared with Love Meow.

As it turns out, the kitten has elbow and hip dysplasia in all four of his legs, and mild Swimmers Syndrome in his hind limbs. He is deaf but can communicate remarkably well in his own way.

kitten with special needs, kitten with dysplasiaCass @kitten.fosters

With the support of the rescue and unconditional love from the couple, Nugget is getting the best care to help him thrive. He is always in good spirits, and doesn't let anything stop him from enjoying the small things in life.

"He can play, run around, explore, get cuddles, and play with other cats. He has no idea he's deaf and has formed his unique way of communicating with us," Cass told Love Meow.

He loves to play and doesn't let anything stop himCass @kitten.fosters

"For weeks we've been in awe of how determined he is to be a normal kitten, how he takes every new challenge in stride and refuses to be different from his foster siblings."

Watch Nugget and his journey in this cute video:

Nugget the

Nugget adores other feline friends and insists on keeping up with the crew. He does't hesitate to crawl up onto his human dad's shoulders and squeezes himself in the crook of his neck for good measure.

nugget the kittenCass @kitten.fosters

The little nugget of joy is full of adorable quirks and has so much to give.

"His favorite things to do are to play tag with his foster siblings, cuddle with us in bed and chew on his feet which he's done since he arrived into care."

nugget the kittenCass @kitten.fosters

At 10 weeks old, Nugget is still very small for his age, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in charm and personality.

The sweet kitten has crawled his way into the couple's hearts, and he is there to stay forever.

Nugget at 9 weeks oldCass @kitten.fosters

"Everyday we watch Nuggie discover something new and embrace everything with happy tail wags and chirps. He has the cheekiest, most loving and carefree personality," Cass shared with Love Meow.

real men love catsNugget hanging out with his human dadCass @kitten.fosters

"No matter what the future holds for our boy, we will be there with him all the way, hand in paw. There's nothing we wouldn't do for him. He deserves every chance to live a full long happy life."

Nugget is 10 weeks old and living life to the fullestCass @kitten.fosters

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