Kitten Determined to Walk and Lead a Happy Life After Being Brought in as a Stray

Kitten Determined to Walk and Lead a Happy Life After Being Brought in as a Stray


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A kitten is determined to walk and lead a happy life after she was found outside as a stray.

kitten big eyesMinnie the kittenSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

A week ago, Dannielle Southon, the founder of Southon Rescue and Central Florida Fosters, took in a tiny 5-week-old kitten who was in need of specialized care. "She came from the local animal services after being brought in as a stray with some pretty obvious issues," Dannielle shared with Love Meow.

The kitten has Manx Syndrome and other congenital deformities. Part of her spine and tail is fused, causing limited mobility in her hind quarters. "Her spine, tail, and leg bones were formed this way while she was still in the womb."

Despite it all, the brave tabby let nothing slow her down, and was determined to move around and play from the start.

manx kittenShe has Manx Syndrome and other congenital deformitiesSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

The kitten has been lovingly named Minerva or Minnie for short. She receives physical therapy to improve her range of motion and assistance when she goes potty. Minnie is a real trouper through it all.

Despite being very small for her age, the tabby has the heart of a warrior and is always in good spirits.

happy manx kittenMinnie adores people and is curious and adventurousSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

"This girl is a lover! (The other night), she sat on my lap purring away, playing, and enjoying life to the fullest," Dannielle added. "She is also a pro at scooting around and she's very fast."

Minnie is curious and adventurous and always wants to know what her foster mom is up to.

big eyed kitten, manx kittenSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

She insists on being near her people at all times even when they are in the bathroom.

Dannielle set up a nest in the shower to keep the kitten safe and comfortable while Minnie supervised her in the morning, but Minnie, being completely fearless, climbed out of it so she could be up close and personal with her foster mom.

She likes to supervise her people and wants to know what they are up toSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

After several vet visits and plenty of TLC, Minnie is feeling much better now that her stomach issues have been resolved. A few days after her rescue, she has gotten more playful and rambunctious than ever.

big paws kittenSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

She is excited about her new-found energy and exploring every nook and cranny at swift speed. Her physical limitations can't stop her from doing what she loves.

Minnie has made great strides in just one week, and her personality is shining through.

hide and seek kittenSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

She doesn't have a care in the world as she goes wild with her assortment of toys and meows for attention on demand. She isn't shy of voicing her many opinions.

talkative kittenSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

The former stray loves her VIP life as a spoiled indoor kitty. "She is a happy, mobile, and active kitten who has zero idea that she is 'different'," Dannielle shared with Love Meow.

"She purrs and meows as soon as I get close to her. Her new favorite toy is these kitten springs. She's obsessed."

kitten kissesLove and kissesSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

Minnie is a wonderful pouncer and constantly on the lookout for trouble. She likes to catch invisible bugs, hop like a bunny, and climb over things with her mighty determination.

Southon Rescue @centralflfosters

"We're working out her consistency and medication schedule, as well as seeing just how much feeling and use she has in her back legs," Dannielle added.

manx cat kittenSouthon Rescue @centralflfosters

"My aim, as her foster mom, is to get her to her healthiest and then set Minnie up with the best chance at the best life."

Southon Rescue @centralflfosters

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