Stray Cat Walks Up to Rescuer and Leads Her to Her Kittens Who Need Help

Stray Cat Walks Up to Rescuer and Leads Her to Her Kittens Who Need Help


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A stray cat walked up to a rescuer and led her to her three kittens, so they could get the help they needed.

CatRescue 901

Last week, a feline family of four was found on the side of a road in New South Wales, Australia. The cat mom had used up all her resources, trying to keep her kittens safe and fed. A member of the public spotted them and reached out to a local animal rescuer for help.

The cat was extremely friendly but just skin and bones. When help arrived, she walked right up to the rescuer and took her to her kittens. The little ones all had eye infections and were in need of medical attention.

CatRescue 901, a rescue group in Terrey Hills, was contacted about the situation. They immediately started working on securing the kittens and their mom and getting them into foster care.

CatRescue 901

"We want to get this family off the street and get them the urgent medical attention they need," Jenny, founder of CatRescue 901, shared with Love Meow.

After countless phone calls and messages, volunteers, Natalie, Jo and Rocio, made arrangements, picked up the kitties and safely transported them to the rescue.

"The day they came to us, it was colder and wet. They were all starved and mom was very emaciated. The babies would have likely gone blind eventually with no treatment."

CatRescue 901

The kittens were all born with a congenital condition called eyelid agenesis. "That means they do not have eyelids. The little white tortie has one eye affected, and the other two would appear to be bilateral," Jenny said.

They didn't have any available foster volunteers at the time, so Natalie stepped up to help. Despite having her hands full, she made it work and was committed to turning their lives around.

CatRescue 901

After the long ordeal, the kitties were exhausted but so grateful to finally have a safe home, a warm bed and plenty of good food to eat.

They were given medication so they could begin their healing process. The kittens were sound asleep while momma cat, Elodie, stayed by their side, kneading and purring away.

There are two girls and one boy - Polara (white tortie), Hirschy (dark tortie) and Ignacio (grey and white).

CatRescue 901

Mama Elodie got some much-needed rest after having devoted her last few weeks to keeping her kittens safe.

She was barely eating for the first couple of days, so they decided to have her spayed in case there was any infection. After the surgery, she was a lot happier and even started eating again.

CatRescue 901

The feline siblings will need corrective surgery to prevent blindness and to ensure that they live a pain-free and healthy life.

"They landed in the right place. We specialize in eyes issues and great care, and this family needs that big time," Jenny said. "Not many could cope with eye agenesis surgery because it's too expensive."

CatRescue 901

Natalie is working around the clock to help nurse the kitties back to health.

There will be many more sleepless nights and countless vet trips, but she has one goal in mind - that is to get this beautiful family back to health and a great future they so deserve.

CatRescue 901

With unconditional love, the kittens made it to the rescue just in time.

There's still a long road to recovery but the family of four is loving their new indoor life. Mama Elodie is happy and purring, knowing that her kittens are in good hands.

CatRescue 901

If you would like to support their surgery and medical needs, click here to see how you can help. Follow updates on the feline family on Facebook.

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