Rescue Cat Became Mom to Abandoned Kittens, They Saved Each Other.

Rescue Cat Became Mom to Abandoned Kittens, They Saved Each Other.


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Two abandoned kittens needed a mom and a grieving mother cat needed babies. When they found each other, they filled the void in their hearts.

Meet Whitey and Grey Hulk!

Karen Timmons

On New Year's Day, Karen Timmons, an avid animal rescuer/fosterer based in Philadelphia, was contacted about seven abandoned cats left in a basement when their family moved away.

"My husband (Nate Timmons) and I brought food over with the intention of making sure they had shelter and food and then coming back the next day to coordinate trapping and rescue," Karen told Love Meow.

Once they arrived, they were shocked by the horrid conditions there and knew that they had to start pulling the cats before it was too late. "There was human waste, maggots, dead cats… it was bad. We heard squeaking and I thought it was mice."

What they found was a tiny grey kitten lying on top of her listless brother. Karen put them in her shirt to warm them up as they were freezing cold and gave the weaker kitten (Whitey) sugar water to wake him up. It brought him back from the brink. "Whitey wasn't thriving at all and I had to make several ER visits with him."

Nubby.Karen Timmons

Meanwhile, a rescue stray cat, Nubby, was grieving over the loss of her kittens. The family that saved her from bitter cold, contacted Karen to see if they could let Mama Nubby care for the rescue kittens.

"I was literally watching Whitey fade and there was nothing I could do. We made the decision to bring the grieving mom in and she immediately began cleaning Whitey," Karen told Love Meow.

Karen Timmons

As mama continued to groom and nurse him, it was as if she breathed life back into that tiny fragile body. From that day on, the kittens started putting on weight and gaining strength.

"These kittens saved momma as much as she saved them. Their interactions are just beautiful. She needed them and they needed her."

Karen Timmons

The kittens are thriving. They love clinging to their surrogate mom for that extra dose of TLC.

Whitey who was found at death's door, now climbs everything he can put his paws on.

Karen Timmons

"It's an excellent example of the Philadelphia cat community working together to save these cats. There were many other cats rescued and adopted out from that basement as well," Karen told Love Meow.

Nubby is a wonderful mama who gives her babies unconditional love.

Karen Timmons

With mama's help, the two siblings have learned to use the litter box and even started eating solid food, though they still enjoy snacking over at the milk bar.

As they grow bigger, their personalities are shining through. The kittens will make all kinds of antics at night in an effort to keep their foster parents up for extra play time.

Karen Timmons

Mama Nubby gets nervous when the kittens wander off a bit too far as they become more curious. She runs back and forth to check on them, making sure they are safe.

After a long day of playing, the kittens return to their favorite spot in front of a heating vent and Mama Nubby will join them, hug them and feed them before they fall asleep in her arms.

Karen Timmons

Follow this beautiful feline family on Facebook. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, visit Noah's Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary and Whiskers of Love Cat Rescue & Sanctuary to see how you can help.

Protective Mama Nubby:


Momma Nubby taught the kittens how to be a cat. She watched them grow into gorgeous kitties.

Karen Timmons

Nubby was happy and content when it was time for her to go back to her forever home and to be reunited with her family.

Karen Timmons

The kittens have been adopted together!

Karen Timmons

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