Cat Can't Stop Snuggling Rescuers for Saving Her Kittens From Life on the Streets

Cat Can't Stop Snuggling Rescuers for Saving Her Kittens From Life on the Streets


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A stray cat was so happy when a man came to rescue her kittens so they wouldn't end up on the streets.

Flatbush Cats

A few weeks ago, Will, founder of Flatbush Cats (TNR based rescue group in Brooklyn, New York), was contacted about a stray cat who had kittens in a garage. "One of my neighbors had an issue closing the door on her detached garage, and the door had been open for a few days," Will told Love Meow.

A stray cat crawled in and gave birth to a litter of three kittens in the back of the garage, unbeknownst to the home owner. A few days later, when she was finally able to close the door, she found a very anxious cat outside. "Her babies were trapped and hungry in the garage, but the neighbor didn't know why."

As soon as she opened the door again, she saw the cat race in, and discovered the kittens for the first time.

Flatbush Cats

Last weekend, Will came to the property, expecting to get the kittens and trap the mom soon after. Upon arrival, he was greeted by the mother cat, who was surprisingly very friendly and walked right up to him as if she was ready to be rescued.

"She let me place her in the carrier. She's clearly lived indoors before," Will said. "It's ideal to keep mom with the kittens until they're 8+ weeks old if possible."

Will put the carrier (with the cat) in the center of the garage so the kittens would come out of their hiding places to find her. One by one, they all showed up to the sound of their mom.

Flatbush Cats

The kittens were a bit shy but nothing some good food, treats, cuddles and a comfortable home couldn't fix. They were named Potato (mom), crinkle, tot and shoestring.

Amelia, a volunteer of Flatbush Cats, welcomed the feline family of four into her foster home. "We started everyone on deworming meds, and bathed and flea-combed the kittens. Then Mom gave them another bath afterwards," Will said.

Flatbush Cats

"She is so happy to be inside and comfy with her babies."

Watch their rescue journey in this video:

Cat Can't Stop Snuggling Rescuers for Saving Her

Amelia set up a quiet room for the kitties so they could enjoy their new VIP life in comfort. After all the kittens were tuckered out in their soft, fluffy bed, Mama Potato turned to Amelia and reached out for some pets and head snuggles.

"It's been amazing to see her trust us right away and know we want the best for her babies," Will told Love Meow.

Flatbush Cats

"While I'm glad the babies are healthy and safe, most cats born outside in the winter are not so lucky. It's a reminder of why spay/neuter is so important," Will added.

Mama Potato will never go back to wandering the streets again.

Flatbush Cats

"She has been snuggling with Amelia every night," Will said. "Now they're all warm, safe and comfy with their Foster Mom."

Flatbush Cats

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