Kitten Finds Family of Her Dreams and Wins Everyone Over with Her Endearing Personality

Kitten Finds Family of Her Dreams and Wins Everyone Over with Her Endearing Personality


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A kitten came to her new home and insisted on winning everyone over with her adorable quirks.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Jennifer Kubba welcomed an orange kitten into her loving home a month ago. The little bundle of fluff, named Cheese, immediately set out on a mission to win the heart of everyone in the family.

One of them is Hank, a beautiful feline that Jennifer rescued when she was a newborn kitten. Cheese took a liking to Hank right away and started following her around the house after a brief meet-and-greet.

The orange tabby wanted to know everything about Hank, trailing behind her and watching her intently with those curious eyes.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Hank was a bit unsure about this tenacious little kitten at first and responded with a few gentle swats, but that didn't discourage Cheese from her pursuit.

The kitten stayed close to her buddy and goofed off in front of her as if to try to get her attention. Slowly but surely, Hank grew more intrigued about the little ball of energy and tried to figure her out with more intense sniffs.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Cheese the persistent kitten confidently hopped onto Hank's "throne" (her favorite spot in the cat tree) just when Hank was about to settle for a rest.

She would follow her to the windows and sit on the windowsill with Hank, insisting on copying everything Hank was doing.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

The kitten began to grow on Hank as she was fixed on being her little shadow.

"She never stops meowing and running around. She's always pestering both of her kitty sisters (Hank and Poppy)," Jennifer told Love Meow.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

After a few friendly swats and lots of sniffing and inspecting, Hank decided that the kitten wasn't so bad and began to enjoy her company.

She took the newcomer under her wing, showed her the ropes and even shared her throne with the spicy little kitty.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Watch Cheese the kitten in this cute video:

Cheese the

Wherever Hank is, Cheese is always near within eyesight.

Ever since Cheese saw Hank nap in the big bed, the tabby girl has been following suit.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

A few days ago, Cheese made her way up to Hank and plopped down next to her for some cuddles. Normally, Hank would get up and walk away but this time, she stayed with the kitten, snuggling away.

"I couldn't believe my eyes… This was a first, a shocker, and the happiest moment of the whole weekend," Jennifer shared.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Cheese is a clingy little kitty whose preferred mode of transportation is her human's shoulder.

The tenacious kitten has a penchant for shoulder rides and has been lovingly dubbed the "parrot tiger."

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

The brave and confident kitten will walk up to Aspen the Husky and curl up in his arms, demanding attention and play time.

Jennifer @aspenthegoodestboy

Another resident cat, Poppy, wasn't so impressed by the kitten at first, so Cheese took matters into her own paws and decided to nap beside her.

Poppy has caved to her adorable quirks and started to share a bed with the kitten.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Cheese and Hank have become partners in mischief, creating all sorts of antics around the house.

They like to watch their canine brother Aspen play outside in the yard through the window, having their very own little private conversation.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Ever since Cheese stepped paw into her forever home, she's made it her mission to win everyone over and won't take no for an answer.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Hank remains the best friend to Cheese, and the two are running the house like they own it.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

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