Shelter Cat with Giant Mittens Changes a Man's Life


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A cat with a pair of giant mittens stole a man's heart when they met at the shelter. Little did he know that the kitty was about to change his life forever.

Meet Phil!

Justin Craig

When Justin Craig found Phil at the SPCA, it was love at first sight. A few days after their first meeting, he went back to the shelter for his old pal.

After filling out the adoption paper, he put the polydactyl kitty in his arms and told him that he was going home that day.

Saying goodbye to the shelter!

Justin Craig

First week at his new home. Phil looks super content.

Justin Craig

He has 7 toes on three paws and 6 on one. He kneads on Justin with all those toesies!!!

Justin Craig

"Soaking in the tub when suddenly..."

Privacy no more!

Justin Craig

Phil has discovered how comfy the bathtub can be..

Justin Craig

Phil always tries to give Justin a big helping paw when he is working in the office.

Offering a paw during a nap.

Justin Craig

"I wake up everyday holding paws with my buddy," Justin said.

Justin Craig

"My cat Phil discovered that he likes to play fetch...he WILL NOT leave me alone now!"

Watch this video:

Justin's life is forever changed by a fur buddy who always asks him for attention, hogs his lap for hours, and gives him an endless supply of purrs, headbumps, and love.

Justin Craig


Happy little guy!

Justin Craig

Those big mittens!

Justin Craig

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